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This 7.0 mm wide bangle is handcrafted from the finest gold and hand-set with nine hand-picked colorless diamonds of the finest make.

Please note that all Jonah Levi Co. pieces are made to order according to your specifications. Consequently, carat weight and stone qualities may marginally differ between the same models.


Inner Diameter:

  • JL10003
Pure Pure
€4,210.00 *
Insignia Small Insignia Small
€6,410.00 *
Plato Plato
€4,120.00 *
Hera Hera
€2,680.00 *
Eternum Eternum
€2,970.00 *
Promise Promise
starting at €600.00 *
Helios Helios
€7,980.00 *
Amour Amour
€2,750.00 *
Oracle Oracle
€5,710.00 *
Dictum Dictum
€2,490.00 *
Codex Codex
€5,970.00 *
Porto Porto
€9,750.00 *
Skull Skull
€6,760.00 *
Bakea Bakea
€2,690.00 *
Truly Unique

Diminutive and unimagined details give our luxurious creations an aura of true uniqueness and noticable distinction.

Our Craftsmanship

We stand firmly behind our creations and are truly proud of their quality. Our craftsmanship is known as being exceedingly accurate and it follows old traditions